Externer gefahrgutbeauftragter ADR für Unternehmen

As External Hazardous Substance Officer ADR, we can assist you with words and deeds and fulfill the legally required tasks for you. We visit you annually and conduct an exam. In this test, we examine the legally prescribed obligations on the basis of the task package of the ADR Hazard Officer . For example, we check the training, the freight documents, the insurance policy, the procedures, etc.

The External Hazard Officer and the activities

The Dangerous Goods Officer, under the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer, has essentially the task of finding ways and means in the context of the activities of the company concerned and of taking measures to facilitate the performance of these activities in compliance with the applicable provisions and under optimum safety conditions.

Our activities of the company related tasks are in particular:
– monitoring compliance with the regulations for the transport of dangerous goods;
– Advising the company on activities related to the transport of dangerous goods;
– the preparation of an annual report to the management or, if applicable, to a local authority on the activities of the company in relation to the transport of dangerous goods.

The reports On the basis of our audit, we prepare the statutory annual report. In this report, as an external hazard officer, we also inform you about the changes to the regulations. On request, we can also assist you in the preparation of accident reports and represent your company in inspections.


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